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Our mission is to connect Capital with the Next Generation of Startups. We help young entrepreneurs through funding and connections for transformative startup growth.

How it works

  1. Submit your deck

Submit a seed or pre-seed deck in a minute. We’ll ask you to tell us about your company.

  1. We review it

Once you’ve applied our team reviews your company and will be in touch within 72 hours.

  1. We email you

After reviewing your Deck, we'll email you directly within 72 hours to provide pitch feedback.

  1. Connect with VCs

We’ll share your startup with investors in our network. If an investor is interested in learning more about your startup, we’ll make a personal introduction.

How we help founders

Starting your own business is hard. We want to make it easy for you. Partner with the Indilcapital team to accelerate your fundraising.

  • Perfect pitch deck

  • Get feedback

  • Find targeted investors

  • Warm intros to partner funds

  • Raise capital

Our Programmes

We invite schools and organizations to partner with us so that more students can be reached and have the opportunity to develop their potential in entrepreneurship.

  • Ideation Workshop

  • Startup Bootcamp

  • Build Your Tech Startup

For schools and organisations

Entrepreneurship is more than just building new businesses. Skills within the entrepreneurship framework will help students solve problems in many areas of life.

Interested in becoming a partner?

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About Us

Indilcapital supports young entrepreneurs in their quest for funding to develop their startups. We connect these entrepreneurs with passionate investors and provide investment opportunities in promising startups. With our experienced team, we offer personalized guidance for fundraising, creating a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures the growth of young entrepreneurs. Join Indilcapital to realize your entrepreneurial aspirations and contribute to building a promising future for student entrepreneurship and innovation.

Mamadou SAMB

Founder at Indilcapital


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